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Peripera Peri's Tint Marker Review

6:18 AM

Being a lip make-up fan, I tend to look for new crazed lip make-up on the market. And the one that I'm about to introduce to you has been on the market for years and is now a beauty cult favorite by online community lately.

Peripera Peri's Tint Marker

💄Design and Packaging

Peripera is know for it's cute and colorful packaging and design, they even team up with designer Mari Kim, who is known her collaboration with 2NE1.

The old packaging of Peripera looks like a crayon box with cute, bright and catchy teenager design. 
The new packaging which was release earlier this year brings us a rather chic, and edgy design, also in a less bulky box.
I think the new design targets a match broader age group than the latter design.

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💄Product Description

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Available shades:

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Looks like a real colored marker:

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Since I usually have pink and orange lip tints, I picked the first shade which is Plum. 

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The tint is actually vivid and pigmented. It's fast-drying and as stated smudge-proof so I think its not ideal for a gradient look effect. Though it look a bit purplelish in the picture, when applied on my lips it look more like a pinkish color and I don't really know why 😒.

Here's a picture 5 mins post-application:

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What I love from these tints is that it's natural looking on first application and as you apply more it can create a chic dark pink with purple hue that I think would be suitable for a night pre-party make-up look. It also doesn't transfer to cups and drinking glass which is a plus.

What I don't like is that it's drying on the lips after an hour or two, but that can be solved by applying non-colored lip balm.


Excuse the Chubby Cheeks, Please!

👍 Long-lasting, can last all day depends of application.
👍 Vivid and pigmented with intense color pay-off.
👍 Easy to apply.

👎 Drying on the lips.
👎 Not blendable.

I have mixed feelings for this product. If you would like to try a new korean item this is a must try but I don't think I would repurchase this since I don't like having chapped lips. 

Unfortunately Peripera is only available on online shops in the Philippines since I have not heard of any official outlet here.

I bought mine from Mei Satsuki Online Shop on Facebook. She also has a instagram account Mei Satsuki where alot of Korean and Japan Cosmetics are sold.

Have you tried this? Did you like it or not?


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  1. Can you recommend a lip tint for a gradient lips? Preferably korean cosmetic 😊 thank you!


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