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Nature Republic Beauty Haul

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I was strolling around Festival Mall in Alabang when Nature Republic Outlet sign caught my attention. I can totally hear Kim Soo Hyun calling me 😜, so I went in just to have look and when I got out I was carrying 2 large bags of Nature Republic in my hands. <Phew!>

Since I am an Aloe Vera fan I never missed the chance to stuck up with my favorite all around moisturizer and I also got some skin care products as per recommendation of the sales lady along with freebies, who wouldn't love them right? 

Here are the product that caught my attention enough to buy them:

Nature Republic

❤️ Nature Republic Bulgarian Rose Gift Set

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1. Nature Republic Bulgarian Rose Moisture Toner 155ml
2. Nature Republic Bulgarian Rose Moisture Essence 35ml
3. Nature Republic Bulgarian Rose Moisture Emulsion 155ml

I bought this because I was attracted to the color and packaging and since it's on sale. 
But I regret doing since it made my face much more oily than normal and made my face make-up appear cakey.

❤️ Nature Republic Skin Smoothing Phytoncide Body Peeling Mist


Removes skin dead cells easily and bring your akin back to life with our peeling mist --- Nature Republic Philippines

This product is pretty amazing, after spraying on your skin you will see small whitish particles together and will change color after you rub it, of course it depends on how dirty that area is. After that you rinse it with look warm water. I use this spray 1-2x a week on areas like elbow and knee or those that I feel rough.

❤️ Nature Republic Vitamin Facial Mist, Vitamin C 50ml


This is is probably one of my holy grail skin care products, aside from Etude House Dust Cut Facial Mist. I use this as an alternative toner and as an instant brightening mist. This mist also holds my make-up well and doesn't change my base color. I suggest using this whenever your face feel dry, oily, dehydrated and tired.

❤️ Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 300ml


This all in one gel is probably my #1 holy grail product. Keeping this in the refrigerator and then slapping a good amount on your face will give you an instant soothing relief. I usually put some of the gel on a cotton puff then leave it on my eyes for 10 mins and it will de-puff my swollen eyes. This “miracle” jar can last up to 6 months depending on usage.

❤️ Nature Republic Aloe Natural Fermentation Cleansing Tissue


Since I am a fan of Aloe Vera, I wouldn't miss the chance to try these. I would say it does well particularly on cleansing since it even removed my waterproof mascara. I bought these on a 1+1 so these packs lasted me about 4 months. I would definitely recommend everyone to buy these babies.

❤️ Nature Republic Nature's Deco Assorted Make Up Puff 20P Set


Super cheap and a great sponge to use for BB cream or foundation application. Since it's disposable, you may use it for about 10-20x, dispose and grab a new one. 

❤️ Nature Republic Aloe Vera Mask Sheet


Of course in every skin care routine, mask sheet are one of the highlights and the one I won't ever be with out. Mask sheets are important for hydration and nourishment of the skin.

❤️ Nature Republic School Diary Blemish Patch


Bought this because of the cute packaging but it's just like the NexCare Blemish Patch.

Another thing to look out for with any Korean Beauty Outlet are their freebies because they give alot. I wasn't able to take separate picture earlier but they gave me Argan Oil Mask Sheets, Nail Polish, samples of Nature Republic First Emulsion, EXO cards and posters.

They also gave me a membership card, I think you can avail one after purchasing products worth PhP1000

Membership Card

Have you tried these products before? Which one is your must have item?

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