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Clio Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Cushion Review

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What Korean Beauty Product is on the top of my list this year? 

Of course, that's no other than the cushion compacts. This is probably one of the those does-it-all beauty product. And there's alot to choose from like bb cushion, cc cushion, blush cushion, eyebrow cushion, eyeshadow cushion and the one that I'm about to review today the FOUNDATION CUSHION.

I'm really excited that I have actually found a foundation cushion because I usually use bb cushion for my everyday base but still needed to put on some concealer for my undereye and dark spots. So when I discovered the Clio Kill Cover Founwear Cushion, I didn't hesitate to buy it since it would save me alot of time spending on concealer <lazy me>

Here is my take on Clio Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Cushion

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Product Description:

“A compact that takes care of it all!”
-- Uncompromising full coverage.
-- Long-lasting, All day flawless.
-- Velvety smooth and weightless. 


Clio Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Cushion Compact comes in three shades specifically design for Perfect Flawless Skin.

1. Color 2 - BP Lingerie (For users of No. 21, fair rosy complexion)
2. Color 3 - BY Linen (For users of No. 21 with redness)
3. Color 4 - BP Ginger (For users of No. 23)


Product Review:

Since I am usually in No. 23 shade for most of the Korean base products, I picked the shade Color 4 - BP Ginger (Don't worry guys it doesn't smell ginger at all!) 

The packaging is simple and not much different from other cushion products. Quite heavier than my other cushion compacts, probably because it's foundation but not really sure.

Also the cushion puff is different from those regular ones we usually see in cushion compact --- the bluish colored puffs. This one is white or caramel colored and is less dense than the usual air puff.

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The darkest shade is apparently the Ginger one, but for me it is still a bit fair than most No. 23 shades or maybe because of the yellowish undertone in it.

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The cushion gives you a semi dewy to matte finish so I didn't use any setting powder with it. 

Here's my bare face:

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As you can see I've got some blemishes, redness and dark undereye to cover up.
Just did my usual skin care routine before putting any makeup on.

And here's the Founwear covering half of my face:
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As you can see, on the right, after application it appears a bit too pale on my face so I have to wait a few minutes to let it blend before applying wherever else it needs more coverage.

After 15 minutes, I think it did oxidized a bit to match my natural skin color. Though it still look really pale!

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Comes with a refill compact and puffs:
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✔️ Medium to Heavy Coverage.
✔️ Semi dewy to matte finish.
✔️ Good for oily skin.

✖️ Tends to get cakey when applied too much. 
✖️ Flakes on dry skin.
✖️ Heavier than most cushion compacts.


It depends on my current skin condition. But I would definitely recommend this to those lookung for a cushion with medium to heavy coverage. 
Will you ever try this compact? Comment down your thoughts! See you 😉

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